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Acting Coaching

Coaching sessions for ALL ages include the following:

  • Script analysis

  • Ongoing scene study

  • Delivery

  • Voice, speech and accent

  • Character development

  • Improvisation

  • Self-Tape (The 'do's and don'ts')

  • Camera techniques both on set and in castings

  • Commercial casting training

  • Film audition (coaching for)

  • TV Programme auditions (coaching for)

  • Working on scripts once the part has been booked!

  • Singing lessons

  • Shakespeare

  • Breaking into the Industry

  • The Business itself

  • Understanding your 'Brand'

  • Understanding the etiquette 'on set'

  • Confidence building

  • Coping with nerves

  • Filming & editing your self-tape audition

Lessons are 60 minutes long and I can help you prepare for a specific audition or role!

Perfect preparation for an audition, working on the sides, giving you the best chance to book the role through thorough preparation and confidence building.

Once you have booked a role, further sessions will work on more detailed techniques, such as character development, script analysis, delivery and the all important, how to conduct yourself on set... Knowing 'who is who' and 'who does what' when working on a job is equally as important as your talent!

Every actor is different. We are all unique, and we will work together to discover your uniqueness to bring to each role, which will be the pinnacle of your selling point.

I can also provide the service of self-taping an audition for you/or your child and editing, before emailing it to you.

I offer Student Discounts, please contact me for details.

Self Tape Auditions

I can be booked purely to film and edit a self-tape audition for you.  Once edited, I will email the video to you or direct to the casting director / agent.  During the session, we will work on any of the above acting coaching techniques to create a polished audition tape, setting yours leagues above the other competition.  My Self-Tape Sessions include the following equipment/processes:

  • Shooting on a Canon 550D Digital SLR camera

  • Correct lighting

  • Providing backdrop

  • Editing on Final Cut Pro

  • Emailing direct to client or yourself

Singing Lessons

As a trained Professional Singer, with over 10 years' live gigging experience, I can provide one-to-one singing lessons for the following techniques:

  • West End Musical audition training

  • Vocal Strengthening

  • Song Preparation

  • Warm-up techniques and exercises

  • Rock/Pop vocal training

  • Finding your voice and tone

  • General singing/vocal training for ongoing development and improvement